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The orthodox wedding ceremony in Greece, has many religious symbolisms. In every part of Greece, there are many different customs connected to the wedding during, before and after the ceremony. The Greek Orthodox wedding consists in two parts, the engagement and the stefana (Greek wedding Crowns). The groom, the bride and the koumparos (Best Man) are the three persons involved. The koumparos exchanges the rings in the beginning of the sacrament and further on, crowns on couple.
Weddings in Greece are usually performed during summer when weather allows a wedding reception outdoors. Nevertheless, there are some dates during which religious weddings cannot performed in Greece: 15thNov.- 25th Dec. , 40 days before Easter, 1-15th August and  September 14 (Elevation of the Holy Cross).
If you wish to get married in a church, the groom, the bride, and the Best man should be baptized as Christian Orthodox.



Monastery Agios Ioannis Eleimon / Chania-Akrotiri:
What would it be better setting for making a life commitment than that of the former Agios Ioannis Eleimon Monastery? Eternity has been assured through it’s four-hundred-years-old history. Make a part of this eternity your own and perform your wedding in its heart-warming atmosphere of spirituality, history, art and culture. Agios Ioannis Monastery is a rare example in the Greek area of western monastic architecture, with the church outside the courtyard, where the cells are located with a separate entrance. We have a unique venue available (for 60 persons at most) inside the monastery in a hall full of devoutness.

Weddings in Greece ORTHODOX CHAPELS


Christos chapel / Armenoi:
Armenoi is a local community in the Chania regional unit, located 20km east of Chania and in a very short distance from the new national road Chania-Rethymno. “Metamorfosi Sotiros” or shortly “Christos” is a church in Kalyves /Armenoi, which was builted in 1501, under Venetian architecture. It has a very big outdoor garden, and big rich trees, ideal for hot summer days. The church is very popular for weddings, especially in summer time and weekends.

Weddings in Greece ORTHODOX CHAPELS


Profitis Elias chapel / Chania – Akrotiri:
Profitis Elias chapel is located in Akrotiri which is a local community 5km east of Chania, in the historical park of “Venizelos Tombs”. Profitis Elias receives about 50 daily unique visitors because of the historical parish and because of the grand history behind Eleftherios Venizelos – an eminent Greek leader of the Greek national liberation movement and a charismatic statesman of the early 20th century remembered for his promotion of liberal-democratic policies -. From “Venizelos Tombs” park you can also enjoy a stunning view of the hole city of Chania due to his altitude.

Weddings in Greece ORTHODOX CHAPELS


Agii Apostoli chapel – Chania
Agii Apostoli is a seaside resort, located immediately to the west of the city of Chania. The name derived from the chapel which is dedicated to Holy Apostles. The chapel rises in one small hill over the sea and provides you a stunning view. It’s an area of unique natural beauty, where many locals spend their time with their families not only for his double beach, but also for sport activities, in and outside the water.

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